Travel Journal

Giant's Causeway and Derry

(Friday 13 August 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 4 The Giant’s Causeway
We picked up a couple more sandwiches form Subway for our trip after walking a bit downtown. It was Sunday and most everything was closed as few people lived downtown. The Paddywagon picked us up in front of the Europa around 9:40 AM. Eric, our driver, was an amiable sort and gave us quite a bit of the modern history of Ireland of which I was quite ignorant.
Our first stop though was the hanging bridge erected so fishermen could drop nets between the island and mainland and capture salmon during their migration. The pictures of the walkway make it look more dramatic than it actually is. It’s rather tame and for 4.8 pounds to cross, not really worth it so we gave it a miss.
It’s funny but I’ve noticed I started to pick up an Irish accent when I talk!
We spent about an hour at the bridge saving up for two hours at the Causeway. It’s a bit of a walk down to the coastline from the visitor’s center. I guess I would describe the rocks or rather lava formation as whimsical and odd. It would have been nice to spend a full day there as there are long walks with dramatic views for several miles.
A local bicycle race had closed off certain road making it impossible to visit a castle which was alright by us as we had never heard of it and didn’t sound terribly interesting. Julie didn’t want to take the guided tour at Derry, so we instead walked the wall around the old city reading the plaques describing the history. That and Eric’s narration on the bus gave us a good view on the city’s history.
I wish we had time to go down from the wall and see the Bloody Sunday memorial and the murals which we saw glimpses of from the wall but there was no direct way to them. Instead we had to board the bus for the trip back to Belfast and arrived late anyways.
Julie had heard about a bus to take us to the ferry terminal so we checked out the bus station behind Europa. We discovered a free bus that leaves at 6:30 the next morning to bring us to the Stena Ferry. My socks and heavy pants had finally dried, so we got packed to be ready for an early departure.
I requested a wake up call and Julie set the alarm on the TV. I didn’t know there was such a thing. We got to sleep at a reasonable time.


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