Travel Journal

Ireland to Scotland

(Tuesday 17 August 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 5 Sunday August 9, 2010 Scotland
No wake up call from Day’s Inn. I’m not terribly impressed by the hotel. Julie did wake up though before the TV alarm went off. A quick shower and we crossed the street and got the bus to the ferry terminal. I had to check my backpack which was annoying as there was plenty of room onboard.
It was almost a three hour ferry trip to Stranraer and the sea was calm and the views outside of the Irish and Scottish coast was very nice. I was able to catch up on this journal on the trip.
Stranraer is a small town with not much happening. The train station was next to the ferry terminal and we went straight there to sort out our options. We could get to Carlisle a couple hours earlier if we opted for a bus for a portion of the trip but we decided to activate our Britrail pass and catch a 12:40 train to Glasgow and then back track to Carlisle.
We grabbed a pizza which was very cheesy in town and picked up some food at the supermarket before starting our journey. Julie napped for most of the trip and I pondered how best to explore Hadrian’s wall.
Arriving at Carlisle at 5:15, we were fortunate enough to find the visitor center open and got some time tables for the bus and suggestions for accommodations as we had not made reservations and were not certain we were going to stay in town or end up in Hexham.
Garmin was working and Julie’s cursory choice of a hotel was too far away to walk, wo we set off with our backpacks in search of economical lodging. We settled on Ibis Hotel at 58 pounds and headed to a local pub for some food. Really rather basic fare and we pieced together our plan for the next day using a combination of the train and the AD122 bus. We noticed the pub had free WiFi and since the hotel charged for that priviledge, we returned with the laptop and I enjoyed a pint while Julie used the internet to book a room in Chester which we planned to visit the next night.
We returned to the hotel planning to catch the 8:30 train to Hexham the next morning.


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