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(Tuesday 17 August 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
DAY 7 Chester Wednesday August 11, 2010
We didn’t wake up until 8 o’clock – late for us. We had tried to use the WiFi at the hotel the night before but were given the incorrect password. That morning we checked and found the correct password but there wasn’t really time to upload the journal, check emails, pay bills, etc. We instead told the receptionist we’d take the room for another night intending to swing through Stratford-Upon-Avon during the day and continue on to Bath as Stratford was a bit expensive and we wanted a leisurely day here at Chester.
Hotel was about a 15 walk from the old city and we made our way through a light drizzle. The city looks fake, like one of those replicated historical sites but you soon realize that the buildings are indeed old, and the style is indeed Victorian English. The visitor center was more interested in selling maps and merchandise than providing good information.
We bought a 99 pence map of the city wall and set out to explore it. Chester was an important western port and the Romans built the wall around the city as this trade route was established. The Romans abandoned it and it was picked up by the Saxons so again like the Roman forts we saw earlier, there was an interesting changes made to the basic Roman design.

Throughout the city, there were rhinoceroses decorated and placed in odd spots. Julie really enjoyed them and took a lot of pictures of them. I think she plans to play a game with her nephew with the pictures.

That was really it for Chester. We spent quite a bit of time walking through the old city and gave the river tours, hop-on bus, zoo, and other major sites a miss. We went back to the hotel but now the WiFi was down. We still hadn’t posted any of the Journal so we went to the same pub we had dinner the night before and got dinner again while checking email, updating this blog, and making reservations in Bath. To save money, we decide to check into a hostel in a mixed dorm of 4 persons. We’ll see how that goes.
We also learned a valuable lesson. Don’t exchange currency at the post office. Banks won’t change cash unless you have an account there. Post offices do but they give you a horrendous exchange rate. I think we got 1.16 instead of the 1.52 norm.

  • All by Nellie Gillogly
  • Beutifull Picture by nellie gillogly

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