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(Saturday 21 August 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 9 – 8/13/10 Bath

Up early to try to use the showers before anyone else got up. There were 3 showers for each sex and it was clean. I had brought a small towel – well that’s being kind, it was more like a wash cloth and that sufficed for drying myself off. Actually because of my shaved head, I really don’t get that wet. I suppose I could jump up and down to try and get more water off me before I dry myself with the towel but I suppose that would look odd to someone coming in the bathroom seeing a naked man jumping up and down.
We packed everything up and I left my laptop under my backpack. The room was a security code so supposedly only the staff and the other two roommates would have access to the room. Julie said I was snoring fairly loud and the girl sharing the room was looking for ear plugs when she got in around midnight but finally gave up and went to sleep anyways.
We walked around a bit and got Cornish Pasties which I have become quite fond of. Warm, filling and cheap. A great combination. We took in the Roman and Medieval Baths when it opened and found it interesting. We had to rush a bit to get through it but still saw everything there.

Back at the hostel we checked out and left our bags in the lobby. They were nice enough to keep my laptop behind the front desk. We got a free walking tour outside the Pump Room and next to the Abbey. These are two hour tours given by volunteers who are quite knowledgeable. We saw the Georgian Architecture, some of the gossip on the leading citizens of the past, and a lot of the history of the place. I highly recommend this tour.


We grabbed some subway sandwiches to eat which was becoming our staple. They usually have a sandwich of the day for 2.25 pounds which is convenient. We tried to get hold of Christine who we hoped to visit in a couple of days but no luck. We booked at hotel in Penzance through for that night with a note that we would be arriving around 8PM. We collected our bags and went to the train station and started our 4 hour trip to the town near Land’s End.

We got in about 7:30 and walked to the hotel which was only two blocks from the train station. “Sorry, we don’t take bookings for same day and we’re full. You might try down the road, there’s a lot of B&Bs but they might all be full.” Thank you! We started down the road with our backpacks and not sure where we were going to sleep that night as we past lots of B&Bs with “No Vacancy” signs. Finally we find one which had one room left and we grabbed it. Woodstock B&B we got the attic room but the couple running it were nice and the room was clean.
I went down to a pub near the station to update this blog, we’re still so far behind while Julie considering showering more important as there was a request not to use the shower after 9:30 PM. The sacrifices I make for my readers!


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