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(Sunday 22 August 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 10 – 8/14/10 Land’s End
We had a good breakfast at the B&B and checked out leaving our bags with the understanding that the couple would be gone from 1 to 3 but we could pick them up any other time. We then walked to the train station to check times to Christine’s place and gave her a call and she tipped us off on where to get off and she would pick us up. We got a day pass and hopped on a bus to Land’s End. It took about an hour to reach the site. The roads were very narrow and only had room for one car, much less a bus, on several stretches. Cars and our bus would often have to pull over on the shoulders to allow the opposing traffic to pass.

Land’s End has beautiful shore lines and nice hikes on the bluffs with wildflowers everywhere. It’s definitely geared for tourism as the main road ends at a shopping/entertainment complex but outside that, it’s really nice.

We did hike a bit but it started raining again. Actually looking back, it has rained every day on our trip. Sometimes heavy like at Hadrian’s Wall, but more often just a light drizzle.
It took an hour also to get back to Penzance. We had a minor accident when the bus flap was knocked off when another bus tried to squeeze by the opposite direction on one of the narrow parts of the road. We had considered going to St. Ives which is nearby and has an artistic community but we would miss the 1 PM pickup for our bags and the delay would make us miss the planned train to Christine. We then picked up our bags and ended up catching an earlier than expected train after calling Christine. I also noticed my camera case was gone. I’m not sure if it fell out at Land’s End or I left it at the B&B. There were a couple of blank memory cards inside but not the camera so no big loss.
It was about a 3 hour train ride to Luskin or some town like that where we found a smiling Christine who quickly got our bags in the car and after Julie tried to get in the driver’s seat because she was used to getting in on the right side, we took off.

Christine had a whole tour planned for her Yankee friends. We stopped at the nearby Eden Project which is a controlled environment for plants which mimics specific environments – notably Rain Forest and Mediterranean. Christine had donated from the beginning when they planned building this in an abandoned China quarry. She got a lifetime pass which allowed her and a guest to visit the site. Julie became Christine and I the guest which saved a steep entrance fee. Interesting layout although we had seen this type of setup before but not in this scale. We quickly walked through and joined Christine to continue our journey.
Christine had a lot to show us and had to drive fast to accomplish this, however, I don’t think she was unaccustomed to this style of driving! We visited a medieval city with narrow streets, a hill top monument with great view of the East Cornwall country side. She was worried we would pass out from hunger so got Julie a little fish ‘n chips and me a piece of chicken. We also stopped in a pub she frequented and had a cup of tea. Continuing on she showed us around the area she lived pointing out the train stations, where the Arc Royal was decommissioned, etc. She had been in that area for over 30 years so knew the local history thoroughly.

We finally arrived at her house to freshen up before heading out to dinner at another pub. I immediately became a hit with the locals when I shunned their local beer and opted for a German lager. They insisted on having me try a little which I did with a smile and noted the taste is rather long…
I had a sausage and chip plate while Julie had a chicken plate. Christine was the perfect host refusing our offers to buy dinner and insisting on picking up the tab. We stopped at one more pub for hot chocolate before returning to her house. There we annexed her washing machine and did two loads of laundry. Actually, Christine stayed up late making sure both loads got dried so they would be ready in the morning. Hand washing clothes are okay but machine wash really gets them clean and fresh.

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