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(Friday 27 August 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 13 – 8/17/10 London

We slept in a bit and ended up rushing towards the Tower of London for its 10AM opening. Got lost and ended up at the Tower Bridge and it took a bit to find the entrance of the Tower of London. With the changing of the guard pending, we had to hurry our visit through the Tower but still saw everything.

It was back to the metro to try and get to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guards which should happen at 11:30. Also it should happen every day during the summer but a web site only listed every other day and today was the day. Because we were running late we didn’t get really good seats but if you’re patient and do the crab dance (sideways maneuvers) and tall you can get some good shots.

On a whim, we took the metro to Baker station. Outside was 221B Baker Street and the Sherlock Holmes Museum. We didn’t go in – I just wanted to visit the address. Next door was a Beatles store and I pondered going to Abbey Road to get a picture of me in the crosswalk but decided against it.

We stopped at the Globe Theatre and perhaps got one of our best deals of the trip. 5 pounds for standing room in front of the stage for The Merry Wives of Winsor. We definitely had a good time and the actors were very good. Afterwards I went to the Shakespeare exhibit while Julie was off to a modern museum whose name escapes me but is right next door and in front of the millennium bridge.

My tour included the site of the actual Globe Theatre and also the ruins of the Rose Theatre. Tour was so-so.
We cruised by St. Paul’s Cathedral to take some exterior shots fully planning to visit the interior tomorrow. After a quick stop at Albert Hall,
we headed back to the hotel where we feasted on instant noodle soup we had bought previously at the Filipino market.

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