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London Still

(Friday 27 August 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 14 – 8/18/10 London
There were only two items on our agenda for today but they were biggies: British Museum and St. Paul’s Cathedral. We started at the British Museum which is just massive. I really could spend a couple days just exploring all the different areas of the museum. Even if you don’t care for museums I would suggest a stop in there anyways and after all it’s free. I think the archeology exhibits were the most interesting.

We spent about 4 hours at the museum before heading to St. Paul’s. Julie and I both made it to the very top and enjoyed the view of London. It is very impressive and the audio guide was very informative. The sheer size of it is overwhelming and it hard to imagine what normal church service would be like in there.

This is a short entry as we actually had reservations for the Eurostar train to Paris at 5:20 tomorrow morning.
Damages for UK:
Flight to Dublin from LAX $1,116. Daily budget $225. Transportation and London expenses were the biggest chunk of our budget. I expected this portion of our travels to be high as will be the rest of Europe so I’ll just keep an eye on the old budget.


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