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Paris part Deux!!

(Monday 30 August 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 16 – 8/20/10 Paris
Woke up still not feeling my best but we had things to do today!
Our first stop was Notre Dame. There was a free English tour so we went around ourselves for a bit until the tour began. The rather timid tour guide rattled off a prepared speech but there was a lot of good information in there. We definitely got more than we paid for the tour. I wish Kathleen was with us as I’m sure she would have enjoyed the stain glass there. We decided not to go the Quasimodo route and eschewed the stairs to the bell tower.

We tried to follow an audio walking tour we downloaded from Rick Steves site for the area around Notre Dame but have to give up after a bit as we had gotten lost trying to follow the directions. I had Rick Steves Paris book scanned on my PC and I’m sure if I had a printed copy, the walking tour would be easier to follow. I had scanned major parts of multiple guide books I had checked out from the library starting about six months ago for all the countries we were planning to visit. The main purpose of this was just for general reference to read up before we got to a country and to buy a guidebook once we arrived at that country and discard/exchange it when it was time to go. There was no way I was carrying over twenty guide books at the start of this trip! The problem with my brilliant plan was that most bookstores in France sold French books not English… go figure.

Anyways, after the audio tour failure we stopped in a local park to eat the lunch box the hotel provided us. The hotel was actually a good deal as they provided a basic breakfast for free and then bottle water, sliced apples and a sandwich to take with you for the day. Next we stopped at the Pantheon
which also was featured on the Amazing Race but didn’t go in but got some pictures from outside. Afterward we just kind of wandered around using the Garmin to punch local sites to see and walked around a bit.


Returning to the hotel we took another nap before attempting the evening cruise again. This time we got there with plenty of time to spare. The cruise was from Canauxrama and we chatted a bit with a Mexican visiting his French girlfriend who noticed our Mexican Football jerseys. The cruise started when it was barely light and as the cruise progressed; it got darker and the famous Paris lights came on with the crescendo being the Eiffel Tower. After turning around at Eiffel’s miniature version of the Statue of Liberty just passed his Tower, we headed back to our starting point.


It was interesting to note the large number of Parisians just hanging out on the river bank drinking wine, talking, playing music, etc. Probably cooler than staying in their apartments and it was cheap entertainment for the night.

After docking, we headed back to the hotel to rest up for the next day.

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