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Still in Paris

(Wednesday 1 September 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 17 – 8/21/10 Paris
We had done most of the major stuff in Paris but we still had the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triumph to visit. We tried to get to the tower early, but the local section of the subway was closed and we had to wait for shuttle buses to take us further down the line where the Metro was running so we ended up arriving at a little after opening time rather than a half hour before. The lines were crazy and the heat extreme. It probably took about 45 minutes in line to get to the ticket counter and purchase tickets to the top.
The elevator took us to the second landing and we got in line again to get the elevator to the top. Excellent view from the top and I got some good shots. They are not posted here and you’ll have to be patient to discover why.

We decided to climb down from the second level and stopped at the first level to eat our boxed lunch. The lines had lessened when we exited so I guess either get there early or late.
We wanted to see the scale model of the Statue of Liberty we had past the other night so we set off in the direction I thought it would be. I was correct however it’s actually a couple miles from the tower so we actually spent some time getting there.

I had read that bus #69 was the best public bus to take and see the local landmarks although we had seen most of them anyways. I tried to make some sense out of the bus stops but gave up after walking even more and not finding the magical bus. Instead we punch the location for the Arc de Triumph in the GPS and headed there.
I didn’t realize the Arc was that big!

We walked about it but decided not to visit the museum inside. I think we had walked over eight miles that day so we called it a day and headed back to the hotel. Julie was completely over her cold and I was definately getting better.


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