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Can we do Paris?

(Saturday 4 September 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 18 – 8/22/10 Paris

Today was a free day which gave me a chance to rest off and try to shake off the last of my cold. It had been raining every day of our trip until a day or two ago. We took the metro to Moulin Rouge
and walked around a bit.

We later walked to the Montmartre church
which was on the top of a hill with a great view.
We entered the church with a line a tourists and Julie heard the zipper being undone on her backpack and pulled it in front of her to find it half open. She secured the bag and we passed through the church.
I headed back to the hotel while Julie did a bit of shopping. We didn’t do anything else really for the rest of the day. We made sure we were packed as we hoped to pick up the car early in the morning.

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