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Baby You Can Drive My Car

(Saturday 4 September 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 19 – 8/23/10 Spain

I was really excited and looking forward to this portion of the trip. We had our own wheels! There was some old law passed in France after WWII that allowed foreigners to buy French cars, sell them back to the dealers, and the dealers got tax breaks from the government and could sell the car as pre-owned. Essential we were leasing a brand new car for over 2 months for about 2,400 USD with full insurance and coverage.
We signed all the paperwork about 9 AM and waited for the car in the parking lot with several other people. I joked about the poor soul who was getting an ugly car that pulled up until I realized it was ours! Okay, it wasn’t that bad…I think.

Our first half hour of freedom in the new car was spent trying to find a gasoline station in downtown Paris. The second half an hour was trying to set the Garmin to our hotel in Valencia and get out of town. We got very use to the computer voice “recalculating” which translates to “you missed you turn, Idiot! Now I have to figure a new route for you.”
We were heading to Valencia, Spain with the plan being to stop somewhere for the night as the Garmin was calculating an 11 PM arrival time. I had ordered a manual diesel car since I knew the price of fuel was high in Europe. Filling up the tank the first time confirmed this! Also, because we wanted to get to Valencia fairly quickly, I had left the Garmin to accept toll roads but that was turned off by the end of the day when we had racked up $90 in toll charges just driving from Paris to the Spanish border.

The toll roads were fast but you couldn’t see much of the countryside so I’m glad we blocked them from the Garmin the next day. We decided to stop in some forgotten town just across the border and got an overpriced hotel dive to crash at.
Not really much else to report for today. Sorry!

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