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(Sunday 5 September 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 20 – 8/24/10 Valencia

We still had quite a ways to go so we headed out about 7 AM with the Garmin set to no toll roads. This was the beginning of the “enter roundabout take second exit” phase of our travel. The Spaniards love their roundabouts and we were travel off the highway for portions of our travel which slow down our travel but saved us heaps of money on tolls.
We arrived at Valencia around 2 PM and found street parking. Julie did a good job on the hotel grabbing it for just 100 Euros for the two nights which was a good price for the quality of the hotel.
We took a bus into the city center and walked for a bit. There was a large bull ring which looked to be under construction.
We’ll try and attend a match, but I think Madrid is more the place to do that. There is a slight medieval feel to the old quarter which has narrow winding alleys made of stone leading sometimes to major streets and other to abrupt dead ends. There also is a colonial feel to the buildings in the square. Colonial probably isn’t the correct word since Spain had colonies and was not a colony itself!


Julie had never tried Paella so we stopped at a restaurant and she tried shrimp with squid ink while I tried a safer chicken kabob. She suddenly started to feel a bit sick so we took a bus back – she refused a taxi.
I got her some tea and set out to found a pair of shorts for tomorrow’s tomato fight (see next entry). It’s rather warm here in Valencia but sticking to the shaded sidewalk and pacing myself, it’s not too bad on walking. I was also keeping an eye open for a Cambio or someplace to exchange USD to Euros, but the banks all close at 2:30 so no luck on that. I did find a little shop run by two Chinese women that had a pair of shorts that fit me.
Back at the hotel, Julie was feeling much better. I think the food just upset her stomach and there was not a major problem. We we’re planning to leave early for the Tomatino fight the next day in the neighboring city of Bunol so we just stay in that night.

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