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You say tomato...

(Sunday 5 September 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 21 – 8/25/10 Bunol
We left at 8 AM since Bunol was only 40k away and the fight started at 11 AM and we wanted to make sure we got there early to see all the action.
We started to realize we should have gotten there earlier when we had to park on the outer part of the town next to some large tour buses. I switch to my shorts and nothing else and pocketed my camera in a plastic baggie to try and keep it dry. We must have walked twenty minutes following the herd down towards the central plaza. I have no idea how close we were to the plaza as we ran into a wall of people. We stood to the side away from the balconies as the people up there were filling up buckets with water and throwing the water onto the crowd below. After two hours of standing pressed next to other bodies, we were begging the people in the balconies to throw water on us just to try and cool us off. Most of the visitors were young and loud and had been partying all night – not that there’s anything wrong with that but after a couple hours it gets rather annoying and they were also pushing their way down the street which pressed us against the wall even more.
I think there was a cannon that went off at 11 but nothing happened. No tomatoes and no fight just pushing as some people in the middle thought it was fun to press against the crowd. About a half hour later, empty trucks started slowly making their way up the street. Rather than backing up, the crowd in the middle of the street pressed even more against the side crushing people against the wall. I was trying to protect Julie by pushing against the wall to shield a portion of her. Girls next to us were screaming in pain and people started panicking. We tried to make a break down a side street after the second truck passed us and there was a lot of shoving and it was close to being a fight in the crowd. We made it across the street and people were collapsed and crying. I then noticed my camera had been stolen from my pocket.
Walking further down the side street we did see some of the people that had made it to the plaza and were actually in the tomato fight. They were covered with tomatoes and smelled really bad. Some of the citizens were hosing off the people. Julie also lost an earring in the shoving match and we wanted to see if it was on the ground where we were but the police weren’t letting anyone back down the street. We got some Sangria and Julie got some Piaia before getting back to the car and heading back to Valencia.
Julie got quite a few bruises from the pushing and I would have to say that it was a real disappointment. Perhaps if I was 20 years younger I might have enjoyed myself but I would not recommend this to anyone.
We walked down to the old center of Valencia and strolled around the parks and plazas. Sorry for the lack of pictures for today but obviously any I had taken in the morning were gone plus the Paris pictures which I had not transferred to the laptop.


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