Travel Journal

Madrid II

(Sunday 5 September 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 23 – 8/27/10 Madrid
I had found where the Running of the Bulls was to take place, a suburb of Madrid called San Sebastian de los Reyes which was close to a Metro station; so we left the hotel at 6:30 to make the 8 AM run. Unfortunately we didn’t realize that we had to switch trains at one station and lost a lot of time reversing ourselves and getting the right connection. We scrambled out of the station after another delay realizing we had to pay extra because we had gone through another metro zone and the bull ring was right there where barricades on the street leading to the stadium. Hurrying down the street we heard a cannon going off and knew they had let the bulls loose and I was too late to join the fun. We watched from the sidelines and a couple minutes later saw six bulls gallop past. Hmmm, they sure looked fast for big creatures.
Perhaps I should make a note of that when I try again tomorrow.
We went to the Palacio Real and signed up for a tour. No cameras inside (this will be a common motif for Spain) so we just have exterior shots. This was the royal palace for the King and Queen of Spain who have since moved to more modest digs, but it is still used for state affairs with visiting dignitaries. Interior is very lavish with multiple clocks in every room. I can’t keep track of the Spanish monarchy so any questions regarding that, please direct them to Julie.

Next was the Church of San Antonio de la Florida where Goya painted the ceiling and he was buried there as well. Of course no photography was allowed inside. Here are some pictures. Since I had no camera, I will leave it up to the readers to determine who took these photos.

We had planned to visit Temple Debod but opening times didn’t work out quite as we wanted. I should have planned this out a little better! Instead we visited a park beneath the Palacio Real and headed home.


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