Travel Journal


(Friday 10 September 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 26 – 8/30/10 Barcelona

It was rather a long drive to Barcelona … maybe 4 or 5 hours? A lot of the roads are diverted because of construction but the only workers I saw were the few erecting the signs saying Men At Work. When we were resting in a large parking lot, I showed Julie how to work the manual transmission in case there was an emergency. She picked up on it rather quickly but still we only use her for emergencies.
We stayed at Hotel Colors in Barcelona. As usual it was away from the center but near a metro. I signed up for internet which was a fixed amount regardless of your stay so I could have access to the WWW. We cleaned out the mini bar and headed out to a large supermarket so we could stock up on food, beer and sodas. I worked on a plan for the next two days of sights to see. We’re here 3 nights and the next morning we’re leaving early for Portugal so we really only have 2 full days.


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