Travel Journal

Barcelona II

(Friday 10 September 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 27 – 8/31/10 Barcelona
Busy, busy, busy day! We bought a carnet (10 passes) for the metro and headed out. The first stop was Mercat de la Boquena which is a covered market selling all kinds of food. They also have counters which serve inexpensive cooked food but it was too early to eat. We walked over to the Cathedral although this section of the city is the Gothic Quarter or Barri Gotic, which, like Toledo, is full of narrow alleys which the Garmin can’t handle so it was not easy. The church seemed very nice inside.

We also went to Museu d’ Historia de la Ciutat which I highly recommend. You are given an audio guide and take an elevator down to the roman ruins. What I found fascinating was it the museum really gave you a view on what daily life was like in this city. Not with fancy visual depictions but by the audio and simple diagrams which show laundry area, winery, toiletry articles, gambling pieces, etc. There was also an excellent temporary exhibit on the growing of Barcelona outside the old city walls.

I found a camera shop and purchased a new digital camera so we would have two again and have different perspectives during our travels. Hopefully I can keep this one!
We stopped in at the Museu Picasso despite Julie’s protests. She really doesn’t care for his work but I thought this was one of the best places to view his paintings and insisted. I found the presentation of how he interpreted another artist’s work – can’t remember the piece offhand, but a video show would examine figures in the original and overlay Picasso’s take over it. The rest of the work which was mostly before he got into cubism was only so-so.
Esglesia de Santa Maria del Mar was next which was another church with a simple and graceful lines and architecture.

This proved and excellent contrast to La Sagrada Familia which has been under construction for over a hundred years and is not expected to be completed for another twenty. Antoni Gaudi was the force behind it and had done most of one side which, well you need to see the pictures.
It’s kind of like brown wax that has had sections melted off. The opposite side was done by another artist well after Gaudi’s death and the design is cleaner with the figures looking as if they were designed by wet sand like you would see artist sculpting at the beach. I think I prefer the newer design.

We didn’t pay to enter the church as it was still under construction. Perhaps we’ll return in twenty years to do so...or perhaps not.
It had been a busy day so we returned to the hotel to get ready for the following day.


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