Travel Journal

Barcelona III

(Friday 10 September 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 28 – 9/1/10 Barcelona
We purchased another carnet for the metro and headed out. We started out at Park Guell or rather the stairs to the park. The park is the design of Gaudi as a precursor for an exclusive community which never materialized for financial reasons and the park was saved by the city and I’m really glad they did! While I hated Gaudi’s work on the church we had seen the previous day, the park was whimsical and colorful with mosaic designs and slanted columns and surprises at each corner – or rather each curve.
We also stopped in at the Casa Museu Gaudi which was his house in the park and had many of his wonderful furniture donated by clients in the house.
We ate lunch in the park before making our way to Museu Nacional d’ Arte de Catalunya which is a large museum on a top another hill. I really like the building and the layout. They have a curious coliseum section which I am unsure of its purpose. The largest portion is of religious art which I’m not particular keen on but there were many other pieces covering many other artistic styles.

Next was the Caixa Forum well because it was free. It was pretty much a waste of time though for me with substandard modern art. We took the metro to the Palau de la Musica Catalona which is an opera house. Exquisite exterior but the interior was not open so we had to settle for pictures of the outside.
We also tried to visit the Musea Frederic Maus well again it was suppose to be free Wednesday afternoon, but the museum was closed for remodeling.
We returned to the market we had visited the day before so Julie could get her sardine fix. I had abondigas and we talked to a Filipino worker there, or rather Julie did as I still have to learn the language. A lot of laments about the cost of living in Barcelona but he seems to be doing better than he would back in the Philippines.
It was again time to move on. Julie was concerned with finding lodging on the fly and she had done such a good job at finding quality rooms at good prices so I agreed we’d lock in a location to stop as a drive to Porto would be rather long. We packed and prepared to leave in the morning.


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