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(Friday 10 September 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 29 – 9/2/10 Santillana del Mar
We left about 7 AM to try to get out of the city before traffic picked up in the city and to get to our hotel early. Things went smoothly and we arrived at our hotel Cueva 1 & 2 which was a rather modest room. We dropped off our bags and began the “five minute” walk to Museo Altamira. We should have taken the car. It was about a twenty minute walk but mostly uphill. Actually it felt good to walk after the long drive.

Like the prehistoric drawing in France, you can’t visit the actual cave but rather the neo-cave copy. You can’t take pictures in there which is odd but has become the norm in Spain. The artist work was actually amazing when you see it and I am surprised that some people back then were so skilled with the limited artistic materials they had.
We strolled through the cobbled streets that are off limits to car and did some window shopping. It’s our anniversary so we picked a good restaurant La Villa that was open 8-11 for dinner. Spaniards tend to eat much later than what we are use to. We went back to the hotel to freshen up before return at eight on the nose. Very good choice and I would recommend this place highly. Julie ordered the set menu and I got a steak con queso. Julie got a mixed primeria plate with calamari, jamon, salami, and other items and then a veal leg stew for the Segundo. Everything was really delicious and we ate everything. Julie got wine with her meal which we figured was a small glass but instead was a full bottle of wine. She also got flan for desert which I normally don’t care for but this was more like an egg custard very creamy and fantastic.
After carrying Julie home after she had a few glasses of wine, we set the alarm for an early wake up as I wanted to pop into Santiago de Compostela in the Northwest corner of Spain before heading down to Porto.

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