Travel Journal

Porto I

(Friday 10 September 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 31 – 9/4/10 Porto

We bought a carnet of 10 rides on the metro and then realized we couldn’t share the ticket so we had to buy another one so we both could ride. We headed to the other side of the river where most of the wineries or “caves” are located. The grapes are grown and harvest in the north and then sent down the river to Porto where they are processed and stored in vats to eventually become Port Wine. We caught a tour at Calem and found it to be very interesting.
Port has the fermentation processed stopped early by adding pure alcohol to the grapes therefore leaving more sugar that doesn’t get converted to alcohol and hence the sweetness of port. They artificially maintain the alcohol at 20% throughout the aging and mix different aged port to get a consistent taste. Very educational tour and we got to taste port to boot! Also, this was another scene from the Amazing Race and later in the day we also passed a couple of restaurants that were featured on the show as well.

We took the funicular up from the river, passed a church and Julie got some food at a local eatery. It was family run and had the people yelling at each other, sharing laughs, and generally being a family. I just had a soda but Julie had something grey…not sure what it was.
That was really about it for Porto. Calem tour was late so we walked around beforehand on the other side of the river and then walked a bit on Porto side. We didn’t have a lot planned for the city and we still had another day!


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