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Porto II

(Friday 10 September 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 32 – 9/5/10 Porto
I cannot forget to mention the free breakfast we are getting at the hotel. Normally when you find breakfast is included, you can expect a continental deal of coffee, juice and some stale bread. Hotel America gave us eggs, sausage, cereal, sliced meat, fruit, cake and dozens of different types of bread. We definitely filled up at breakfast and only had snacks for the rest of the day.
Anyways, I only had Palacio da Bolsa on my wish list which we made our way after passing through the city center.
It was a mercantile organization originally and was now opened to the public displaying off the rooms. Again no photography was allowed so the few pictures we sneaked aren’t very good. With the rest of the day free, we just hopped on a trolley and headed west until the line ended. We walked past a lighthouse and old fort before heading back.

It was a rather easy pace stay and quite enjoyable. I doubt we will be able to keep up this pace so we’re enjoying it while we can! The bad news for this part of the trip is that I can’t find the Magic Jack that we use to make phone calls back to the states. We must have left it back in Barcelona and I doubt they sell it outside of the US. We’ll have to make do with just emails like travelers did five years ago. I heard that before the internet travelers would have to make marks on pieces of paper and send that to recipients to send news…crazy, I know!

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