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Mike and Julie, I'm sorry but you're the last team to arrive...

(Tuesday 14 September 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 33-35 – 9/6-9/8/10 Lisbon
We started out early for Lisbon and it was a rather uneventful drive. We found the Pensao Recidencial Denastia hotel with parking in the rear which was good as there wasn’t much street parking. I had not really worked on a plan for Lisbon so we just took off to the old city center. Most of the museums were closed as it was Monday so we took the advice from the visitor center and headed for the city’s cathedral.

The back of the church had an excavation in progress with different levels for the Roman building and the Islam building. Next was the Castillo or fort with terrific views of the city and only a so-so museum.

The next day we drove out to Cabo da Roca also featured on the Amazing Race, is the western most part of continental Europe so there are so good cliff view out over the Atlantic.
We then drove to Sintra’s Palacio Nacional da Pena which is a decadent house abandoned as the 1910 revolution was happening so it has the original furniture and reflects the owners’ rather bizarre tastes. I had planned on doing this portion on Monday on the way to Lisbon but fortunately checked my notes on the trip down from Porto and realized it was closed on Monday. I would have been rather upset with myself because the castle is rather remote and off of backstreets.

On Wednesday we got an all day pass on the metro and headed out to Belem. Again we hit a couple of Amazing Race sites (thank you for your patience Julie!) the soccer stadium
which was down the street from the Torre de Belem which we wanted to see as well.
Down the street was the Padrao dos Descobirmentos which is a stone sculpture showing the leading figures of Portugal’s seafaring days
when it was a world power, and across the street from the Mosterio dos Jeronomis which I believe the King of Spain commissioned as thanks to the sailors for bringing all the money from trade into Portugal. It looks like portions of the church were off limits due to a private function but what we saw was very good.

Traveling back to Lisbon from Belem, we stopped at the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian which is a fairly small museum with limited but excellent pieces from a wide range of period and different types of art.
I would recommend this museum but not the contemporary art museum in the same complex.

That was about it for Lisbon. I think for future entries in this journal, I’ll make an entry for each place rather than each day.


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