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(Wednesday 15 September 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 36-37 – 9/9-9/10/10 Seville
Got into Seville and checked into our hotel and then immediately set off to explore. Immediately got lost in the Barrio de Santa Cruz which consists of tiny, windy alleys even more extreme than the ones we experienced in Barcelona. It’s very easy to get lost in this labyrinth. We passed the Cathedral and Alcazar and stopped in the bullfighting arena to check out the museum although we did not go in. That’s really it for the first day.
The next day we entered Alcazar which is the jewel of the city. It has very elaborate décor and the story behind the man building Alcazar is very interesting. I enjoyed the grounds almost as much as the palace although Julie doesn’t care for big gardens. We spent a few hours all together going through the palace and gardens. We gave the Cathedral a miss as we’ve had our fill of Cathedrals in Spain.

That night we thought we catch a Flamingo act the guide book suggested, however, when we turned up at 9 PM the bartender suggested coming back in a couple of hours. Instead we got some Middle Eastern food from a restaurant that was just opening at 9. It’s very hard to get use to the Spanish opening times. Shop’s seldom post their opening hours, some will open at nine AM others ten or eleven. Often they will close at two or three for siesta and reopen at six to close down again at nine and then they go out to dinner. Probably the heat is the contributing factor to this schedule but even in a more moderate climate, we’ve seen the same routine suggesting it more tradition at work.
Live time note – we are actually in Granada and will be heading to Morocco for awhile and I’ll be leaving my laptop behind for this leg of the journey, so there will be no updates until we return and even then we’ll be eating up miles on the road so I’m not sure when the next update will be.

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