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Granada, not Granada Hills

(Thursday 7 October 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 40-41 – 9/13-9/14/10 Granada
We got to the hotel without a problem but there was no parking available there or in the lot nearby. I parked on the street about 3K away before hoofing it back. The hotel was very nice though with swimming pool and good rooms. We set off hiking to the city center which was down hill. There are a lot of nice buildings and we just wandered around a bit taking in the sites before getting some middle eastern food downtown.

Granada’s number one draw is the Alhambra and we checked the website for timed reservations for the next day but there was none. The hotel had tickets but you had to go on one of their high-priced tours. The only option left was to buy same day tickets when the ticket office opened that day. So to ensure we actually got tickets, Julie wanted to be in line before seven AM prior to the 8:00 AM opening. Needless to say were one of the first persons there. We did meet a Nebraska couple who have been living in Granada for seven years and offered some insight into how the city worked and the mindset of the people of Granada.
We got tickets with the earliest possible visit to Palacio Nazaries the crowning jewel of Alhambra at 8:30. There is timed entry into this complex and you can’t enter before your reservation but you can stay until 1PM if you’d like. By skipping the first part and returning to it before the next group was let in, we were able to view Nazaries alone and took some great photos. I must say I was expecting more rooms but the ones we saw were spectacular.
We next walked through the Gererallife gardens which are massive and extremely well kept.

There are also a couple of satellite buildings in the gardens which we stopped at. Finally we walked down to the Alcazaba which are the remaining fort walls looking down at the city.

Back at the hotel, I took a swim in the rather cold water while Julie rested. I had tried to find a guide book in English on Morocco since my scanned book is almost 10 years old and the section on getting to Imichel was not scanned but I was having no luck. Morocco was coming up quickly and I had no idea how to get to the betrothal ceremony there – could we do this with public transportation or did we have to join a tour group? I would have to rest on these question that night as we headed out early to Gibraltar.


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