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The Rock

(Thursday 7 October 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 42 – 9/15/10 Gibraltar
We left around 5:30 AM as it was a bit of a ride to Gibraltar and we had a full day there. We got to the hotel and dropped of the bags there. I suppose it’s safer than leaving them in the car and confirmed that parking on the Spain side and walking across was the best plan. This was verified when I accidentally got in the traffic to cross the border and had to plead my way through a section to get out.

Checking passports is more a formality here, no stamps, just a cursory look. Next you walk across the landing strip of the airport to get to the beginning of the city. I’m not sure how that works but I’m assuming only the smaller jets use this airport and have fully landed or take off from the one side and only have to taxi across the road and walkway as there are no barriers like at railroad crossings.

We took a quick look in the Trafagler cemetery. The tombstones have been weathered so much they are illegible but I believe the majority are from the 1700s.

We stopped across the street for some spaghetti which Julie has been craving for some time.
I had heard some bad things about Gibraltar mostly from Spanish people and indeed it is like visiting London in the 70s and I’m not sure what the appeal is for that but it was a refreshing break in a long Spanish trip. I also was able to get a book on Morocco and will look through it tonight!

The Rock obviously is the highlight of this place and indeed this geological oddity was seen miles away from this town/county/territory. We took the skytram up to the top
ignoring the touts outside trying to sell outrageous taxi tours and instead paid outrageous prices to use the skytram. Our plan had been to go to the top and walk halfway down to the mid station and ride down, but the middle station was closed for repairs. At the top there were the apes as promised and Julie despite her fear of primates made some friends.

We hiked down to St. Michaels caves and toured it for a bit. Nothing very exciting here if you visited other caves and not worth the extra cost for the wilderness preserve if that is the only place you go. The amphitheatre inside was an unexpected surprise though.

We made our way back to the hotel where I did some quick research on Morocco and the ferry leaving from Tarifa to Tanger.

  • Julie's fear of primates by The Elder

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