Travel Journal

Travel – On the Road Again

(Tuesday 19 October 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 52-54 – 9/25-9/27/10 Travel

There will be no pictures in this journal because it was all travel for three days with no photo ops at all.
I thought I’d try getting a ride back without the help of the fab four so we went to the pickup spot about eight in the morning. After trying a bit, we got a ride back in a car with only 4 other person plus the driver for 70 DH – only 10 more than to come down. We actually got up to the town an hour quicker than to get down. Of course only one person puked on the way down and two puked on the way up. El Kisba was old hat to us and we got a taxi in no time to Kasaba-Tadle about noon. We figured a bus to Fes would be closer to Tangier than a bus an hour later to Casablanca so we got on a five hour bus at one. At this point I conceded there was no way we’d be able to catch a ferry back to Spain that night as Julie recalled the last ferry leaving at 9 PM.
We got into Fes around 5 PM with the next train to Tangier leaving at 1 AM so we took another overnight bus at 10 PM that got us in next to the ferry terminal at 4:30 AM. I think I only got a few hours of sleep and Julie perhaps a bit more. Going through customs and getting the ticket for the ferry was a pain and even though we were there before anything opened; we barely made it on board the 6 AM boat and arrived at Tarifa at 9 AM.
Remember the rental car I boldly decided to leave parked on the street? Well it remained undisturbed other than getting another layer of dust. I began to drive but the GPS unit was giving us a bit of trouble so I think we wasted a couple hours driving in a serpentine route. We finally decided to get a room around Zaragoza. Do not ever try to drive through Zaragoza. I think every street has construction work at some part. We found a hostel but could not park the car so we went to another place with trucks parked outside and two hookers strutting down the street. The price was okay, it was late and the hotel had security doors so we crashed there for about 7 hours before leaving in the darkness the next day.
I think day broke as we were entering the long tunnel between Spain and France. With not taking toll roads, we travelled the small towns in France north towards Paris. My conversation changed from “What a quaint French village” to “I’m glad we get to travel slow here and really see France” to “why are there so many round-abouts on this road” to “if another tractor pulls out in front of me, I swear to God I’m going to run him off the road!”
We decided to stop about an hour outside of Versailles and began checking out hotels before deciding on the cheapest one with no internet. We drove into town, paid to park and bought a coffee at a McDonalds so we could use their internet to check up on emails and such. We probably spent as much money on this one time use of the internet as it would have cost us to get another hotel which offered free Wi-Fi. Also, I had run out of clean clothes because we had been on the move so much so I found a coin laundry service in town (paid parking of course). I was outside the door deciding if I wanted to get something to eat when I heard a click and the door beginning to close behind me. I was able to stop it from closing and then discovered the laundry-mat was only opened till nine and the door was held open by a magnetic lock on a timer. If I had gone to get something to eat, I would have come back to a locked laundry-mat and had to come back in the morning and start the wash all over again!


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