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Bruges - In Bruges

(Tuesday 19 October 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 55-56 – 9/28-9/29/10 Bruges
We had incredible luck as the first place we stopped, Agnes B&B, had a reasonably priced room available with Wi-Fi and the room was clean and nice. It was about seven and we were going to cycle out to find something to eat but noticed that the bike I was lent didn’t have a working headlight and as it was getting dark we returned to take the care. Bruges doesn’t have much of a nightlife and most places close down by dusk. We stopped at a fast food burger joint and got a couple of hamburgers. We find out that food eaten in the restaurant is taxed while food ordered to go is not. Most people order it to go and then walk to a table and eat it there. We also discovered that the Belgiums charge for the packets of mayonnaise and ketchup around 70 cents each.
My laptop was dead. There was no power and I have no idea what is causing that. This could be a big problem. Agnes mentioned that the neighbor works with computers although I’m not sure what that means and he can look at it the next morning. While I don’t have high hopes for him fixing it, perhaps we can get a recommendation for a repair shop and drop it off tomorrow and have it fixed the same day.
Agnes gave us a Flemish Breakfast which was fresh baked bread and muffins (delicious), homemade yogurt which I really liked, and the standard European cold-cuts and cheese. The neighbor stopped in while we were eating and removing the battery and placing it back in, got the lap top to work. I had dropped it at the very beginning of the trip and some of the panels in the back bulged out and the extra space made some bad connections. The neighbor went ahead and tighten the panels on the back and didn’t charge anything. Julie and I bought him a bottle of wine after Agnes suggested what he would like and gave it to him as a gift when we returned that night.
We had met a German couple who were taking a couple days off to travel around Bruges and enjoyed talking with them. I quickly realized how rusty my German was but both spoke English quite well. We walked into town about 2 klicks and began exploring. I had a guidebook but no definite plan so we took the Rick Steve’s walking tour. Around the bell tower we had to get the French fries with mayo dipping sauce – very good.
We checked out the market place and some buildings pointed out in the book but really just strolled the through town. We thought about taking a canal tour but really we were walking along the canal so what was the point? I had to get a Belgium waffle with whipped cream and we also stopped in a old tavern hidden away on a side street and got some horrible Belgium beer.
No big plans or sights to see in the city, we just walked around, bought some chocolate and tried to soak up the charm. The next morning we had another one of Agnes’ delicious breakfasts before heading out again.


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