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(Tuesday 26 October 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 61-62 – 10/4-10/5/10 Potsdam
Since it was only a short drive to Potsdam from Berlin, we stopped at the Belvedere Pfinstberg before going to the hotel. Nothing very remarkable about the structure but the restoration that it underwent in the last fifteen or so years is remarkable. It was pretty much abandoned and vandalized under the East German watch and had a dramatic makeover since then. The views down on the valley from the top are excellent.

We did a quick check in at the hotel and then went to Neues Palais which was the only major site opened on a Monday. Parking caused a few problems with the GPS unit so we stopped at the nearby university and walked over passing statues removed from the roof top and lined up for restoration. We had to wear oversized slippers to enter the marbled floors of the new palace. Again the ruler decided to make a room with sea shells plastered on the walls – I suppose you can make those mistakes when you’re king. Most of the other rooms though were very luxurious.

We ended up at a German smorgasbord for a “light” dinner that night. I don’t think I’ve eaten that much in one sitting for our entire trip. Very German so very heavy. Julie didn’t care for it that much, but I loved the simple heavy approach to cooking. Julie really has a bad pallet.
The next morning we tried to find a parking space near Park Sanssouci and final found a spot a bit away. Walking to the opening of the garden yielded a fantastic view of Schloss Sanssouci
in the distance. We took the tour of the schloss which showed many guest apartments tastefully decorated. After viewing the kitchen, Julie enjoyed the art gallery which, true to the Baroque style, had paintings crammed together like a jigsaw puzzle filling the walls. I wasn’t terribly impressed by them.

Next we went to the Historic Mill which was rather dull as all the displays were In German and I didn’t really learn anything from them. After a shared bratwurst, we stopped to tour the Orangereischloss down the road.
Nice rooms especially the portrait room and I really like the “blue” room. We quickly visited the Chinesisches Haus in the park before wrapping up our visit.
Just like that an entire had passed!
It’s funny that the main reason I wanted to stop at Potsdam was to see where Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin met to work out the post war plans for Germany and I ended up not seeing that palace but saw many other wonderful sights in the town and there were several others I wished to see. Next trip, next trip.


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