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Romantic Wine . . . err Rhine

(Tuesday 26 October 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 62 – 10/5/10 Romantic Rhine
Okay, technically we spent the night Ahrbergen after Potsdam and that was day 62. We left that however early in the morning and made our way to the Marksburg castle in Braubach. It’s one of the few castles that are still fully intact. Our guide spoke with a very heavy German accent so it was a total loss for Julie and I could only pick up some of it. It definitely eliminated any romantic notion of living in a castle in the 14th century. It was cold, smelly, bad food and a constant vigil against invaders. The guide showed us a toilet with a grate to prevent any enemy from crawling up to get inside the castle.

Afterwards we travelled a bit north to cross the Rhine and headed down to St. Goar. The town chief source of money is tourism and it shows. We made some sandwiches and ate along the Rhine and then took a river cruise down past the Loreley rocks
and then back again. It would have been nice to take a longer trip and sip wine on the deck but we were pressed for time.
Back in town, we took the car ferry across the river to St. Goarhausen and headed down the road along the river seeing the same sights again but we did manage to see the castle in the middle of the river where the baron use to raise iron chains across the river to stop river traffic and demand his toll. We were in a rush to get to Rothenburg in order to find a room and take part in the Nightwatchman’s tour that was scheduled for 8PM.


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