Travel Journal

Rothenburg - Romantic Road

(Wednesday 27 October 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 63 – 10/6/10 Rothenburg
GPS lead us in a bit of a wild goose chase to find a hotel which, in the dark, seemed to be out in the middle of nowhere. Julie ran in and quickly arranged a room at 7:30 PM and then we raced off to catch the tour. I didn’t really know exactly where I was other than it was tiny medieval streets when we parked and dashed off just in time for the tour. The guide was dressed up in the night watchman costume and I tried to get a picture of Julie with him but no flash so it sucked.

It was a very humorous tour and informative so I would suggest it to anyone spending the night in the town. The guide explained the importance of the night watchmen but how it was looked upon poorly – just above an executioner and gravedigger. He showed us the main gate and the man hole, or small door for letting in people, for a penalty fee, after the gates closed at night. We also got to see Hell, a pub sitting on the oldest foundation in the town.
He also relayed the interesting story of how the town escaped unscathed from WWII even after it was scheduled to be bombed. We stopped afterwards at an Italian restaurant where I had my long awaited snitzel which Julie tried and approved.
We drove back to the hotel to get some sleep but went back to the town around 7 AM. Driving there we got a good view of the walled old city from the road.
Arriving at the gate I realized only special permit cars are allowed inside the city. Ooops! We visited some of the sites we saw the previous night to get a better view in the daylight. The Rathaus was a fine looking building. We also tried the Sneeballen which is the local specialty. It’s like a dough ribbon wrapped into a loose ball and baked with powdered sugar sprinkled on the outside.
There were interesting buildings throughout the town and I especially liked the signage hanging above the doors but we had to leave and continue the trip.


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