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Wurzburg and the Romantic Highway

(Wednesday 27 October 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 64 – 10/7/10 Wurzburg
We backtracked north to Wurzburg which we whizzed past (thank you for the Autobahn, Germany) in our rush to make the tour the previous night. We did this reverse move to see the Residenz which was a palace for the Prince-Bishop of this region of Germany. Built over a period of time in the mid 18th century, it was a showpiece for the Prince-Bishop to show to other rulers that the region had a lot of money and wealth so it could afford to hire mercenaries to defend itself so don’t come messing with the town. Unfortunately we began to encounter a common theme in Southern Germany of no photos allowed, period. Quite a shame as there is some beautiful rooms in there and a fantastic marbled staircase with an amazing fresco on top. The only way to see the palace is by guided tour which was great because you learn so much more about the building, the politics of the time, and the restoration after the WWII bombing.

Julie did manage one picture of the fresco
in the main lobby before we were firmly but politely informed of the photography ban. I also include my contribution of the interior which is a photo of the postcards with pictures of the interior sold at the gift shop.

Back in the car we headed down the Romantic Highway, err, Road. We were trying to plan our time so we could meet Julie’s mom in Naples on the 22nd, so we were rushing this portion of the trip. We did stop at Dinkelsbuhl for an hour or two to walk through its street though. A bit chilly but nice for this Californian to see leafs that actually change color with the season. After this brief respite it was back to the car where we pushed on to Fussen.

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