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(Wednesday 27 October 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 64 – 10/7/10 Fussen
We stopped at the tourist information center to try and get a lead on accommodations. We got there a little before they closed and were able to get a list of hotels within our budget. The first was a hotel above a restaurant on a pedestrian walkway. A bit pricey but still the lowest on the list and the room was okay so we took it and I was able to park behind the restaurant. We couldn’t get the Wi-Fi to work so we went to an internet caf� to book a room in Munich, our next stop.
Early to bed, early to rise and then we headed to the two castles of the region: Schloss Hohenschwangau and Schloss Neuschwanstein. The drive there was short but the morning mist was troubling as there were no views of the castle. We parked and got tickets for the English tours of the castles as you must be part of a tour. Very high tech in that you are given a ticket and the gate will not let you in until the time stamp indicates and then you go in to meet your tour guide. There are displays showing the queue above the gate so you know exactly how long before you can enter. First up was Hohenschwangau which was King Ludwig II castle where he grew up so we walked a bit outside on the terrace and took some pictures.

The castle has a lived in look with some excellent furniture and display pieces. Ludwig II’s father and mother had separate bedrooms on separate floors with a hidden staircase connecting the room in case there was going to be any action. Ludwig II had taken his father’s room and redecorated it to his own, shall we say romantic taste, with pastoral scenes on the walls and holes bored in the roof so simulated stars could shine from candles above the ceiling. Again, no photos inside although our guide didn’t keep a close watch on us. Below is the piano that Ludwig bought for Richard Wagner a frequent guest at the castle. Also there were romantic paintings of knights in battle with dead soldiers but not a drop of blood on the canvas!

Next was Neuschwanstein the Sleeping Beauty castle which is up the mountain and a good 20 minutes brisk walk. It was built by Ludwig II as an opera themed castle with rooms reflecting certain operas as well as a grand theatre inside for performances. This tour had a stricter guide so we didn’t get any pictures inside although I did take this of Julie on a service stairs.
It’s a shame because the interiors are gorgeous.

Ludwig was a bit eccentric and wildly romantic and hardly a spendthrift. The latter was the main reason the local politicians got him declared insane. Shortly afterwards he was found drowned with his personal physician in a shallow part of a nearby lake and there has been an ongoing controversy if it was suicide or foul play. After his death the castles had all work stopped and were open to the public to try and recoup some of the money spent on them.
We hiked up to Mary’s bridge which has the postcard view of the castle before heading back to the car and proceeded on to Munich.


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