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Salzburg - I am FIF-ty going on whatever

(Tuesday 2 November 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 70-71 -- 10/13-14/10 Salzburg
We left early since we had to go cross country. Leaving the Garmin on Toll Roads we used the main highway and made good time. We made a quick stop at Gmunden which was on the way to see Schloss Ort which was a pit stop
on the Amazing Race before continuing on to the B&B in Salzburg.
Arriving we checked in and dropped off the bags and ignored the lengthy instructions on public transportation into town and instead drove in. No big deal although parking everywhere is charged so we paid about 5 Euros for a few hours which is probably cheaper than 2 return tickets on the bus or train. We visited Schloss Mirabell
which buildings are closed to the public but we were free to tour the garden. Afterwards, we walked across to river and saw Stiftskirch St. Peter. While it was planned to be a grand cathedral, its size was drastically cut back to a more moderate size but the space inside
was highly baroque but in a palatable taste. We also saw the cemetery outside which was modeled for the set of the Sound of Music where the Von Trapps hid from the Nazis.
Did I mention that The Sound Of Music was filmed here? I don’t think you’d miss the fact with hundreds of Sound of Music tours here. Only Mozart is a bigger draw where you can get Mozart chocolates, sheets, glasses, almost anything. Odd that the town basically kicked the young Mozart out at a young age and shunned him for the rest of his life but now embraces him as a beloved child to sell chocolate! Anyways, we drove back to the B&B after picking up some supplies at the grocery store.
The B&B was okay although it was a shared bathroom for three of the rooms and with 7 people using it, waiting time could be long. There was a nice notebook with directions and schedules for taking the bus or train into town. We thought we’d do that and went to the train platform the next morning rushing to catch the train as they were running hourly. Departing the train station I realized I didn’t know the station we caught the train so trying to return might be problematic but I would worry about that later.
We got the funicular up to the top of the hill where the Festung Hohensalzburg surveys the town. Built and rebuilt by the bishops of the town to mainly protect them from their people it also served as a keep during times of war.
It had never been overrun although it had been surrendered to Napoleon. I don’t recall if Austria was technically invaded by the Nazis . . . I probably should do some research on that.
We stopped at Mozart’s Birth House and also his Wohnhaus but merely took some photos of the exterior rather than paying to go in. I did want to go into the Residenz though and also see the art gallery but unfortunately the Residenz itself was closed for a private function and we would be leaving the next day so we gave the gallery which was open a pass.

After a very good Chinese buffet (where my new bridge got chipped and will eventually start breaking more) it was time to head home, get the car and travel out to Helbrunn. Problems arose when the information desk couldn’t tell me the station we came from with the departure time there and the arrival time here. Furthermore, from the address I gave them from the Garmin, they gave us a bus number to take which I knew was different from the B&B’s instructions. We decided to take the bus and checking the Garmin as we rode, we had to bail out a few kilometers from the B&B as we saw the bus was going further and further away from it. Julie got rather annoyed with me when I insisted we save time crossing a cow pasture and finally balked at jumping down a 6 foot high embankment at a railroad track so we backtracked and took the long route arriving at the B&B.
Because of the delay, we arrived late at the Helbrunn and as it was closing in twenty minutes passed on the tour and visiting the Wasserspiel which I was kind of looking forward to explore. Instead we saw the gazebo that was built for the Sound of Music and walked around the garden.
The next morning I dropped Julie off at a flea market while I continued my hunt for the German jersey which had now become my Moby Dick. No luck on my end and the flea market was pitifully small yielding no tea cups for Julie so we pointed the car south and headed towards Italy.


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