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Mykonos - right next to the white building with blue doors

(Saturday 13 November 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 93-4 -- 11/5-11/6/10 Mykonos
It was quite a bit of traveling to get to this island. We got the train to Athens and met a real nice man who helped us transfer trains. He had been teaching in North Carolina for a few years and his English was pretty good. We finally got to the train station in Athens and transferred to the Metro which took us to Piraeus which is the port. There we caught a fast ferry to Mykonos about 4 hours there. The pension that we booked the reservation was suppose to pick us up at the ferry but did not show and we caught a taxi after waiting a bit. The innkeeper apologized for forgetting and took us to our room where we crashed for the night.
The main and only thing I wanted to do was travel to the nearby isle of Delos to see the ruins. Bobby, took us into the old port and we checked with a travel agency to get us to Crete for the next leg of our journey and we figured out a route that should work – more on that later. Normally there are three boats to Delos which stay there for three hours and head back.
You could get on the first boat though and return on the last boat so you have more than three hours there. Unfortunately as summer had past there was only one boat making the trip and you had to return on it since the island closes at three and you must leave then. The whole island is an archeology site and the only people allowed to stay overnight are a few French archeologists.
We made our way to the museum first to see some of the choice artifacts moved indoors. Julie has become quite taken by mosaics so with some help from the curator we found some structures on the island which still had mosaics and headed out to them. Time was limited so we took a brisk pace to visit those sites and then circle back pass the theatre to the main complex to the famous lion street statues. There were only about twenty passengers on the ship so we pretty much had the island to ourselves and didn’t see anyone till we got back to the boat. If you do go, bring some mosquito spray as there are some nasty ones living on the island. Here are some picture. Can you find the chopped off phalic symbol?

Back on Mykonos, we walked the streets looking at the shops and cafes before having a sub-standard pita. We also passed the windmills which no longer work. I’m guessing that canvas material like sails are tied in angles to make the wheels turn. We returned to the hotel with plans to catch the ferry back to Piraeus the next day.
We walked back into town the next morning for breakfast before Bobby took us to the new port to catch our ferry.

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