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(Tuesday 16 November 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 98-9 -- 11/10-11/11/10 Hania
Hania is about a 2 ½ hour bus ride from Heraklion. Crete is a large island compared to the other Greek islands but about half the size of Hawaii. Julie made reservations in the old town and we got there with no problems with the directions provided by the owner. The town, as was most of Crete, was conquered by Venice so there are a lot of Venetian architecture in the city. The lighthouse by the harbor still has its Venetian base with an Egyptian lighthouse on top. Yes, the Egyptian also had control of the island, and the Turks, and anyone else that had a couple of boats at the time.

There really isn’t much to see in the town. It’s pleasant to stroll along the harbor and there are many cafés there. I spent some time at the Naval Museum which Julie went to the beach. We paid way too much to get our clothes washed. It’s good to machine wash them once in a while to really get them clean but 9 Euros a load was way too much. Julie liked a small restaurant in the old market but I did not have much of an appetite with the fish market being right next door and being watched by the food.
I did develop a habit of yogurt with honey there and had it often for breakfast.
Not much else was going on there. I got caught up on the journal and did some reading on a Turkey travel book I had bought while we were waiting for the bus in Heraklion as well as listening to some book recording on the IPod. I had also exchanged my guidebooks at the previous hotel mainly to shed some weight but I did get a “Let’s Go” book on Greece which I would not recommend. I think I’ve gotten spoiled by Lonely Planet guide books.
After a couple of relaxing days there, we boarded a bus back to Heraklion to stay at the same hotel since it was inexpensive and the Ferry to Rhodes sailed from that port.


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