Travel Journal

On the Road to Rhodes (or rather on the water)

(Wednesday 17 November 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 100-1 -- 11/12-11/13/10

Well it was back to Heraklion the way we came. The only hitch was catching the local bus to the hotel once we reached the town. Here the drivers do not take cash only tickets so you have to buy tickets from machines or newsstands. We had trouble finding a machine that worked and all the vendors were out of tickets so we hopped on the bus and explained it to the driver. He pulled over to a newsstand down the street and waited for me to buy a ticket which was nice of him. That night we had a good dinner back at the hotel’s restaurant and the next morning we went to the ferry station. Our last day in Heraklion was a rainy one and we got a little wet getting on the ferry.
Naturally we took the cheapest seats for the twelve hour trip. The boat left at 2:30 PM and because of the rough seas we didn’t arrive into Rhodes Town until after 3 in the morning. Economy section was rather small since the majority of the space was given over to cabins but there weren’t many passengers so we had a sofa to stretch out on and we actually got a bit of sleep on the trip.


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