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Marmaris and Fethiye

(Wednesday 1 December 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 105-6 -- 11/17-11/18/10 Marmaris and Fethiye
We arrived in Turkey about 5:30 as it was getting dark. We paid the $20 for the visa stamp and went through customs without a problem. It was about a two kilometer walk to the hotel and surprisingly the Garmin was working fine . . . I guess they include Turkey with the European maps. The hotel was okay and we agreed to pay the extra 5 lira for a “Turkish Breakfast” though we weren’t sure what that was. We met a young man from Seattle on the ferry who also ended up at our hotel. He was traveling on the cheap and was spending the night there before going to a hostel where he could pick fruit in exchange for a room.
We weren’t planning on doing much in Marmaris other than sleep and catch a bus out the next day and that’s pretty much all we did. We ate out and were surprised at the prices, not in a good way. It was at least as expensive as Europe and the price of beer was about 4 bucks and that was at a market! I guess Islam is sticking it to the man. I did bring a bottle of Ouzo from Greece because I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to get alcohol in a country that is 98% Muslim.
We caught an early morning mini-bus the next day to Fethiye which is about three hours away. It was a direct bus so we didn’t have to deal with stops and got in before noon. The hotel had told us to catch a dolmuses which is a shuttle bus that runs a regular route picking up people as it goes or to call them and they’d pick us up. Checking the Garmin when we arrived, it didn’t look that far away so we headed out with our backpack. It was a bit farther than we though and we should have spent the dollar for a bus ride! We checked in and I debated trying to catch a day cruise on the water to several islands but Julie wasn’t interested and it was slow season so arranging a tour would be hard so we passed on it. The main reason we came was to see the Lycian tombs that are carved into the mountain side. So after visiting the small museum in town
and seeing some sarcophagi literally around town,
we stumbled across the tombs. There are tombs carved into the side of the mountain and a really nice photo of them in the guidebook which cinched a stop here. There’s only about five or so and not as nice as the photo showed. I stayed around till dusk to see if the color would change to the blue hue in the photo from the guidebook but it just got darker. I tried a few shots but obviously my dinky digital camera is not in the same league as the professional cameras.

Below is some bookkeeping for the France through Greece leg. Final budget for Europe: 163.48 a day. The biggest expense was the $2,713 car lease and the cost of diesel which was over $1,200. I think though that the cost of taking train or bus isn’t cheap at least what we saw, and the extra cost was worth it as we got to see out of the way places, didn’t have to lug our backpacks around, and could go when we pleased.

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