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(Wednesday 1 December 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 108 -- 11/20/10 Konya
There were some delays getting our onward bus at the main road. The first one was full and we had at least 6 persons wanted to go to the next town. We struck up a conversation with a New Zealand couple – John and Belinda – and shared our travel plans.
They were heading out to Cappadocia which was our next stop after Konya and thought it would make sense to stop also in Konya since it would be a long drive out to the Cappadocia region. We were able to squeeze in the next bus and I lucked into a seat in the back with my backpack on the floor as the trunk was full and Julie and John sat on the floor in the front until seats opened up.
We check for tickets at the otogar at the next major city and were able to catch a big bus to Konya without too much of a delay. The bus station at Konya is quite a ways out of town but the tram has a stop there and took us into the center of the town rather quickly. We had not made reservations here and opted to go for the guidebook’s suggestion which John and Belinda thought was a good idea. The tram got us fairly close and we walked to the hotel after a few stops to compare prices at other hotels we saw on the way. Julie was able to get a good discount at our first choice so we all took rooms there. The book had mentioned that there were whirling Dervishes performances Saturday nights at eight but it was after ten when we got settled in so I hoped there would be other performances here as this was the center of the Dervish religion and visiting a performance here was on my bucket list.
The next morning we visited the Mevlana Museum center which has a mosque and the tomb of Mevlana who established the Mevlevi or Dervish order. Checking there about performances we discovered that there was just one show per week and it was on Saturdays so we indeed had missed it. I would like to have seen it here, however, there definitely are shows in Istanbul although they are more commercial and you have to pay to see them.

After talking to John and Belinda and rereading the guidebook; we decided to travel with the Kiwis to Goreme rather than to Guzelyurt. Goreme is better connected than Guzelyurt for transportation and seemed to have more lodging options as it is more developed for tourism. We headed back to the otogar the same way we came.

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