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Pamukkale -- Pass the Turkey

(Saturday 4 December 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 113 -- 11/25/10 Pamukkale
I think I got about five hours of sleep on the bus and Julie perhaps a little more before the bus pulled off the highway and we were hustled off. A driver with a white van loaded us on and took off to his hotel explaining he was the pick-up man for the bus and he would drop us off at any hotel we’d like but first he’d like to show us his hotel. Okay…
It was about six AM when we finally got to our hotel but fortunately it was empty of guest and they kindly let us check in early. I tried to call the Knight clan for Thanksgiving but couldn’t get through. We took a nap for a couple hours before washing and getting ready to go. I talked to the owner about organizing a trip to Afrodisias for the next day but he seemed doubtful that there would be enough people to get transport so I gave up on that idea. Packing a swimsuit and towel, Julie and I headed for Hierapolis.
You can get to the site by driving up the west entrance and getting to the entrance gate and then proceeding to the ruins or you can pay admission at the south gate and walk through the travertines. The travertines are the white, calcium encrusted pools formed by the minerals in the stream.
You may have seen pictures of these as they were in a travel promotion blitz for Turkey travel. Anyways, you are required to walk barefoot through the water flow about a kilometer most of which is not bad but there are occasional stretches of pebbles and hard crusted ridges which can be hard on tender feet. Surprisingly few people choose our route which actually was rather fun. We visited the museum first which had but a few rooms and some columns displayed outside.

Much of the ruins were undergoing excavations, but we were able to see the big theatre and the agora.
Further out is the necropolis with a considerable amount of tombs. Julie returned to the hotel while I visited the Ancient Pool which is a hot spring and some sunken columns that you pay 25TL for a swim. It was very relaxing but the shower afterwards was freezing which would cause problems later. The tours buses were arriving when I started my swim and now the place was swarming with the day trippers as I headed back down.

Returning back to town, I had my Thanksgiving dinner of chicken kebap at a local restaurant and found Julie on the way back to the hotel just finishing a spinach crepe which was the first solid thing she had eaten since getting sick the previous day. We had the hotel arrange bus tickets the next day for a 9:15 AM bus to Selcuk and after a quick stroll around the tourist area, we went to sleep.

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