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(Sunday 5 December 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 114-115 -- 11/26-27/10 Selcuk

The next morning after breakfast, we hopped in a minivan and we were off! After fifty meters we got out and then walked fifty meters to a small otogar and we got in another minivan and we were off! After five kilometers we got off and got in a bus and we were off! It took about five hours total with the slow start to reach Selcuk. The owner of the hotel in Pamukkale had called a relative with a hotel in Selcuk who met us at the station and took her to check out her hotel. It seemed fine to me and I didn’t want to waste time looking for another place as I wanted to get to the ruins of Ephesus that afternoon. The owner took us and dropped us off at the south gate leaving us to get back afterwards on our own. She did leave us with a book on the sight which was very helpful.
Ephesus is probably the best preserved ruins that I have seen and was the main reason for coming to this town. I would suggest stopping in here if you are at all interested in ancient cities. Below are the photos we took at this sprawling city. Afterwards we decided to pass on the shuttle bus back to town that the guards said might show up and instead walked back which was only a couple of miles. We found a good Doner place and had dinner there before retiring for the night.

I was hoping to see Priene, Miletus & Didyma which are sites also in the area but no tours were being offered, public transportation would take too much time if not impossible for some of the legs, and renting a car would be too costly. Besides I think I’ve had my fill of ruins for awhile and I was starting to feel a chill coming on from that cold shower in Pamukkale.
We took it easy the next day and arranged for a late bus to Bursa that would leave at 11:30 and get in about 5:30 so we checked out and left our bags at the hotel. It was Saturday and the town held its weekly market and right outside the hotel, the street was closed off and stands were set out selling vegetables and fruits of all kinds including the largest cabbages I’ve ever seen.
We bought some cashews which I have been going through like crazy and feed Julie’s equally obsessive habit of mandarin oranges. We went through the Ephesus Museum
and I diverted Julie’s eyes from the fertility statues. We also walked to the Temple of Artemis which was a big to-do in its day. Another one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World but now just a lone column. A before and after picture is included here (before is a model in the museum).
We also visited Isa Bey Camii a mosque from 1375 and ruins of a Byzantine aqueduct. We spent rest of the afternoon and evening relaxing at the hotel working on the journal, reading and doing Sudoku before catching the bus.


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