Travel Journal

Amman- Jordan

(Saturday 18 December 2010) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 124 -- 12/6/10 Amman
Almost all of the day was in transit. Interesting thing about the Turkey airport is that a casual security check is done at the entrance and then each gate has an x-ray machine and security people rather than at a main point. Anyways, our flight went through Cairo since it was Egyptian Air which was amusing as we would be back in this city in a few days. There was a short delay for on ongoing flight to Amman but we ended up landing on time.
Jordanian visas are fairly straight forward although you have to buy in JD and the exchange booth doesn’t get a very favorable rate but it is only 15 USD per person. Customs wanted to check my bag but after chatting a bit with the guard he waved me through. We arrived too late for the bus into town as the guard informed me which was odd as it was only about 6 PM so we had to get a taxi to town which cost about $30 for the 20 kilometer ride.
There was a battle of wills on where we were to go with the taxi driver wanted to take us to a hotel so he could get a commission versus our pick from the internet. We did stop at a hotel nearby our choice and, after a bit of haggling, got a reasonable rate so we took the room.
The next morning we crossed the street and looked through the temporary walls at the Roman amphitheatre which was under renovation. I’m afraid that’s it for Amman sights.

We got a taxi to the bus station and found the large bus had already left for Petra so we climbed aboard a mini bus and squeezed into the last seat and a half that was available and took off.


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