Travel Journal

Transit to Ethiopia

(Tuesday 11 January 2011) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 135-36 – 12/17-12/18/10
The train ride was pretty bad with sudden decelerations and speeding up which kept us awake. I was in such a hurry to book the sleeper berth on the train because you really should do it a couple days in advance that I didn’t really think things through. Since our flight wasn’t until 2:40 AM on Sunday, we could have spent the night in our hotel and caught a morning train to Cairo and it would save us money. Anyways, we got off at Ramsis station (which we mistakenly went for our trip south) and walked to the Cairo museum where our guidebook mentioned there were public buses to the airport at drastically cheaper prices than a taxi.
Since we had a full day I considered going over to the Cairo Tower featured on the Amazing Race but I knew I didn’t want to pay the high fee to go up and I didn’t want to lug my backpack any more than I had to so I just took a photo before we jumped on the bus.
The bus was a bit cramped but we got to the airport fine and spent some time trying to track down the Ethiopian Airline office. They don’t have a counter but have an office hidden away on the second floor which was closed but we were told it should open at eleven PM so we only had twelve hours to kill before that and then another three hours before our flight. We took turns babysitting our baggage while the other explored, read, surfed the internet, ate, and generally kept ourselves amused until the office open and we got vouchers that would allow us past security screening where there was a check in for the airlines.
I had to check my bag because it was too large which normally is not a problem but I know when I make the Cape town to Rio flight in a couple months I will have to trim it down so it is carry-on size as I have a tight connecting flight, less than an hour, and I am not sure a checked bag will make it. Anyways, once through I caught an hour or two of sleep reciprocating Julie’s nap earlier when I watched over our stuff. There really is no need because there are police everywhere here. We spent the last few EPs on bottled water since we got through security but there was another security check before entering our gate so those were discovered in our bags and confiscated. We got another hour or two of sleep on the plane before landing.


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