Travel Journal

Arba Minch

(Thursday 13 January 2011) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 141 – 12/23/10
After changing to another minibus in Awasa, we continued on to Arba Minch. The roads were beginning to get rough and it took the better part of the day to travel the total distance of a couple hundred miles that and the wait time for the minibuses to get full before departing and the animal crossing. Arriving at Arba Minch, we set off to find a hotel with a local guide that attached himself to us and, after checking the “nice” hotel which wasn’t very nice; we caught a local minibus to take us to the suburbs where we also checked a few hotels before taking a room at the Rift Valley Pension. I listen to the guide explain his tour package to us for a safari in Nechicar National Park and was disappointed to find a lack of wildlife for the safari. I think it would be best to skip it and pay the extra money at Kenya or Tanzania.
We dined at the pension’s restaurant and were charged the foreigner’s price rather than the African price despite the cook’s promise he wouldn’t at the time we ordered so that pissed us off (no tip for you!) along with the one hour cooking time for our meal. The power also went off just before we were served and remain off for the rest of the night. We used our flashlight and candles from the hotel to get around in the dark, but it was just washing up and to bed for us after dinner.


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