Travel Journal

On the Road to Kenya

(Thursday 13 January 2011) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 145 – 12/27/10
We went to the bus station and got on our bus. We had to pay the full price to Arba Minch even though we were only going to Konso but it wasn’t really that much. We got off at Konso without a plan although I was hoping to push on and at least get to the major road to Moyale which is the major border crossing from Ethiopia into Kenya. I was pleasantly surprised that there was a direct minibus to Moyale and that we could arrive by nightfall. We said our goodbyes to Ganga who was catching another bus to Arba Minch, getting off at Konso only to make sure Tulin was on her way to the border with us, and headed out.
It was a long drive with one stopped for a rushed meal before continuing on. We did see some termite mounds in this area although there wasn’t a lot of trees. The sun was going down when we arrived so we started looking for a place to stay. Since it was a border town, there were a lot of cheap dives to stay at but nothing really we’d be comfortable staying at. We find an okay place which only had self contained bathrooms (meaning private) but when we asked if they had hot water they replied they didn’t have any water at the moment but perhaps tomorrow at seven it might come on. We asked for a shared bathroom but they were out. “Don’t you want a self contained bathroom?” the clerk asked. “What good is a bathroom if you don’t have any water?” I countered. “Well, the water might come on” was the repost. I gave up the argument at that point and we went to another hotel which, while it did have water, there was no electricity. “Maybe tomorrow” was the response when I asked if it was just a temporary outage. At that point we needed water more than power so we took the room along with a couple of complementary candles and called it a night. Not surprisingly, this turned out to be the cheapest room on our trip at 150 birr or 9.37 Yankee dollars.


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