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Moyale, Kenya – Now I Know What Purgatory Is Like

(Thursday 13 January 2011) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 146-7 – 12/28-29/10
We joined up with Tulin the next morning who had opted for electricity over water and hailed a cab to drive us 100 meters to the border. Exiting Ethiopia and entering Kenya was relatively quick and painless. Moyale on the Kenya side has a better infrastructure so the streets, power grid and water are in better shape than its Ethiopian counter. Of course we missed the only bus to Nairobi which leaves before the border was opened and we were mobbed by people trying to get us on a truck that was leaving right now at an inflated price to Nairobi. Most mistakes when traveling are done when you rush into a decision usually forced by a tout. We left the bus area and I got the girls to watch my backpack and sauntered back and casually asked the bus schedule confirming that there was only one bus out and it had already left. The prices were too high for the truck rides and I didn’t think I would get a deal so we checked into a room which even beat the record for the previous night $6.59. Of course we would later find you get what you pay for when Julie again was attacked by bed bugs during the night.
We found out the bus for the next day had been sold out so we were faced with either staying an extra day here or pony up the money for a ride in a truck. We were told that the bus was more comfortable than the truck and Julie thought we should wait and take the bus as it was a 24 hour ride to Nairobi in the bus or 28 hours in a truck; so we purchased tickets for the bus on 12/30. I could list all that we did in town but, well as the title suggests; it was an extremely boring town. I found myself making up tasks to pass the time. “Okay, I want to find a bar of laundry soap” and would spend several hours hunting through the stores, asking around and walking quite a distance doing that. When that was done, I began looking for thin nylon rope to use as a clothes line. I’m sure you get the idea.
We tried to find passengers who would switch tickets with us for a price and they would leave a day later but there were no takers. After the bed bug incident, we checked out of the luxurious accommodations and went to perhaps the best hotel in town which was still under $25 and relaxed waiting for out bus out the next day.

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