Travel Journal

Pemba the other Zanzibar

(Tuesday 25 January 2011) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 156 1-7-11
We trudged to the ferry dock early in the morning and boarded the fast ferry which would stop at Zanzibar and continue on to Pemba which is 50 klicks north. The ride to Zanzibar wasn’t too bad but the second leg was rather rough. There were small children towards the front of the boat and we would often get airborne and, after a split second of falling, we would slam back on the water. There was a symphony of wailing and puking from the children which would be amusing except the fact that Julie was turning a bit green.
We survived the trip and arrived at the dock dismissing the several touts there and headed off to a hotel listed in the Lonely Planet book. There was a hotel next to the guide’s hotel but they were both fifty bucks. Thinking we could do better, I blindly headed to town which was about a mile away but there were no other hotels. We debated catching a bus to a city more inland or settling on one of the two hotels we had seen. We had to haggle a bit and only got the rooms down to $45 with a half hour of free internet. The island was too expensive and Julie had had enough of this island. We bought tickets for the ferry the next day. Julie caught the fact they were charging us first class rates and giving us economy tickets and when confronting the broker, he got surly and said there was only first class available and we could take it or leave it. There were no other brokers that I could see, so we had him change our ticket to first class and left.
The hotel was actually quite nice with a great view out over the ocean. We relaxed a bit before heading back into town for dinner as the meals were quite expensive at the hotel. We got good street food and actually started enjoying the island as we talked to the locals and walked the streets.
The next morning was a good breakfast on the terrace and the owner drove us and another couple to the ferry terminal when we heard the horn from the incoming ferry.


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