Travel Journal

Antananarivo airport, Madagascar

(Wednesday 23 February 2011) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 187 2/8/11
Because of the four hour delay, our plane didn’t arrive until almost 1 AM. The flight’s first stop was Nosey Boraha where we went through customs. We weren’t charged for the visa while another American was charged $70 I suppose because he said he was staying 45 days while we only are here for 15. We reboarded the plane and flew to Antananarivo, and upon entering the terminal, there was a sign for Julie and the attendant gave us the reservation for the plane out at nine. We had planned to stay at a hotel within walking distance from the airport but since our flight was leaving in eight hours, we sucked it up and stayed at the terminal which is incredibly small for an international airport. The lights shut off between two and four but there were enough people there that I wasn’t too worried. Julie got a couple hours of sleep before the domestic terminal opened and we paid for the ticket and got on our flight.


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