Travel Journal

Rails to Cape Town

(Thursday 17 March 2011) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 201 2/23/11
The next morning we collected our clothes which were still wet and headed off to the train station. There are some unsavory characters around there but if you keep your head down and walk with a purpose they tend to leave you alone. We got some good fried chicken at a joint by the station. There must be a dozen shops all selling the same food so we tossed a coin and got a winner.
The train manager said he would try to get us a berth together but I had my doubts. Julie got a berth to herself while I got a berth with two policemen from Saudi Arabia in the same train. Friendly guys although only one spoke limited English so we ran out of conversation about an hour into the trip. The good news was that I could stay in Julie’s berth as no one else was booked there. We hung our clothes out to dry and the berth looked like country folk had settled in.
The train was to take 27 hours for the journey but we were a couple hours late getting into Cape Town.


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