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Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro via Middle East?

(Thursday 17 March 2011) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 206 2/28/11
My flight was on Qatar Airlines and it was comfortable enough and there were over a hundred videos to watch so I went on a movie orgy stopping occasionally for naps. We arrived a few minutes early at a city State of Qatar (so that’s where I was headed) and I got off at their soon to be state of the art airport. In the current time, it was a mess. I had to board a bus and go to the international transfer building where the security screening was a zoo. Depending upon how soon your flight left you either went to the immediate screening area or the cattle drive to the standard check. Despite my pleas, I was sent to the cattle drive which would take about an hour to get through and my flight left in thirty minutes. The director would call out destinations and send people to the immediate screening area. I kept yelling at him “Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo” but he kept shaking his head. The board read “Final Boarding” for my flight so I went in the immediate screening line without asking. This upset the director who tried to send me back but when I pointed out the “Final Boarding” message he nodded and said “you better hurry.” . . . . Moron.
I had hoped to check Duty Free here for an IPod but there just wasn’t time. I got on the last bus to the airplane and we took off shortly after I boarded. The orgy continued but with more naps this time. Arriving in Sao Paulo, I think I logged about 23 hours on planes. This was from the tip of South Africa to North of Saudi Arabia to South America but I saved about four hundred buck taking this rather than a more direct route.
I was in for a shock at the Duty Free shop as the $250 IPod was listed at $365. It looks like I was in for some long bus rides without music! Customs was not a problem and I exited to South America.

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