Travel Journal

Brazil - Sao Paulo

(Thursday 17 March 2011) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 206-7 3/1-2/11
While I had no guidebook for South America, I did have some scanned pages for Brazil on the lap top which gave me some tips. I took the airport bus to Reformation Park and wandered around awhile before I found a hotel recommended in the guide. I have got to get a new compass as my old one is only accurate to within, oh say, ninety degrees. The hotel was about $45 and had free internet and breakfast so I caught up on the internet and got some much needed sleep.
The next morning began my hunt for a South America guidebook. Several bookstores had no English version and on a whim I stopped at an exclusive art book store. The people there were extremely nice and made some calls to reserve a book for me and gave me directions on how to get there on the metro. It was surprisingly easy to navigate the subway once I found the first unmarked station. I got the Lonely Planet guide which suffers the same problem as the Africa book as there is only so much information they can cram into the book.
The Amazing Race had stopped in the city but there was really nothing noteworthy on the show to make me want to see. I stopped at the bus station hoping to get times on buses for Rio de Janiero as I had to be there on the third but the station was for regional buses only. I stayed one more night at the hotel planning to leave the next morning. The hotel actually is in Niteroi which is across the bay from Rio and the guidebook did not have a map of that area. I knew it was near a ferry station so figured I could get there that way.


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