Travel Journal

Chile, Orsorno

(Sunday 3 April 2011) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 234 3/29/11
It was very cold and I’m glad I am only catching the beginning of Argentina’s autumn season and I don’t wish to be here in August. At the bus station I got to be concerned when I didn’t see my bus with about five minutes before departure so I asked a bus with another destination on it and was told it was actually the one I wanted so I scrambled onboard.
I was rather underwhelmed by the Andes perhaps I expected more from the films I had seen of them. Without their winter coats of snow they were just grey crags and nothing awe inspiring. The border crossing was very thorough. They x-rayed all the bags and had dogs sniff our carryon. There are very strict on not allowing food across. Chile is blessed in that it doesn’t have pestilence problems. They have the deserts to the North, the Andes to the East, Antarctica to the south and the Pacific to the West so they are really rather isolated and don’t want any nasty critters introduced into their country.
We were suppose to get into Orsorno a little after noon and my watch said 12:30 and checking the book I found out that Chile is one hour behind Argentina except during the summer so I set my watch back an hour. I got my ticket for the twelve hour ride to Santiago on a bus that left at eight PM and walked around town and saw the bronze bull with the huge cahones in the plaza across from a nice cathedral. After lunch I looked for some new travel clothes as I had ditched an outfit in South Africa and while I found the right brand I couldn’t find any that fit.
I did some writing at the terminal until about seven and then I remembered I never verified the correct time. Looking around I saw a clock that said it was almost eight so I raced outside and saw my bus and boarded in time. I was almost eliminated from the race!
It was comfortable on the bus and I had no problems falling asleep.


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